Optics and Microscopy Workshop 2024

We are happy to announce the third edition of our Optics and Microscopy Workshop! This time we will meet in one of Poland’s most beautiful places – Biebrza marshes!

The workshop will be a thorough, hands–on introduction to optics and microscopy. With our instructor, Fred Marbach from Crick Institute, we will start from absolute basics – photons, ray diagrams, and lenses; and then move to building a simple optical system, just to end up building DIY bright-field and fluorescent microscopes. We will image neurons (hopefully!), and understand every last bit of how that image came to be (this is a certainty!).

During the workshop you will build an intuition for optics, allowing you to reason about optical systems found in the lab (and in publications): you will understand the equipment you are using on a much deeper level.

The workshop will take place May 10-12th in Goniądz, in Dwór Bartla, overlooking the beautiful Biebrza river, which at this time of the year provides great opportunities for birdwatching. The deadline for registration is April 15th, the cost of the workshop is EUR 250 (but we provide fee waivers if needed). The cost includes the registration fee, accommodation, breakfast and lunch. Please find the registration form and more info here – https://nenckiopenlab.org/optics-and-microscopy-workshop-2024/