Conference symposia announced

We invite you to read the list of symposia planned for the Conference in Toruń and urge you to submit abstracts for poster presentations.

We would like to remind the authors of abstracts about the possibility of applying for the Young Researcher Award and inform that the authors of the most interesting submissions will be invited to the “Flash Talks” session

Symposia topics:

  • Molecular biology of autism spectrum disorders.
  • Neuronal mechanisms underlying social behaviors.
  • Neural and real-life correlates of social interactions.
  • Altered brain rhythms, psychoactive compounds and models of psychiatric disease.
  • Electrophysiological correlates of the altered states of consciousness.
  • mTOR in physiology and pathology of the nervous system.
  • Regulation of Brain Metabolism and Neural Networks by Astrocytes.
  • In sickness and in health: the role of astrocytes in the brain function.
  • The multifaceted roles of CNS glia: from tumours to neurodegeneration.
  • Clock ticking in health and disease.
  • From Retina to Cortex: Processing of the visual information in healthy and diseased conditions.
  • Understanding the Blind Brain.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and other approaches to modern research techniques in neurobiological research.
  • Advances in neuromodulation – spinal motoneurons and beyond.
  • The advanced methods of EEG signal processing in clinical neuropsychology.