About the society

The seat of the Society is located at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Pasteura 3, 02-093 Warsaw. Organizational structure of the Society is comprised of the General Assembly of the Members and the Executive Committee.

The members set the following objectives of the Society:

  • to organize and support development of research and scientific studies on the nervous system;
  • to bring together scientists engaged in neurobiological, neuropsychological and neuroinformatics studies;
  • to disseminate knowledge about the nervous system and scientific achievements in this field, by popularizing, educational and publishing activities;
  • to represent Polish neurobiological community in the country and abroad.

The main forms of PNS activity include organizing:

PNS initiates and supports organization of numerous scientific meetings, symposia, conferences and sessions, focused on different subjects related to neurobiology. Training sessions organized till now concentrated on:

  • molecular bases of addiction,
  • mechanisms of learning and memory,
  • plasticity of the nervous system,
  • cytokines and the brain,
  • sensory and motor systems,
  • neurogenesis and development,
  • neuroimmunology of the brain,
  • neurodegeneration,
  • pain,
  • neuropsychology,
  • cortical integrative mechanisms,
  • neuroinformatics.

Popularizing activity of PNS involves the organization of open annual events during the Brain Awareness Weeks: lectures, discussions, workshops and brain knowledge contests for high school and university students.