Young PNS

A space for young neuroscientists, members and fans of PNS.

Young PNS is a group of students, young scientists and disseminators of knowledge. We help spread information about what is happening in the world of neuroscience, here and now.

Thanks to close collaboration with PNS members, students and young scientists can see what is means to “be a scientist” and what scientific research looks like “behind the scenes”. Young PNS is involved in projects such as: the UJOT TV science program, interviews conducted for Neurotalks (with students from University of Warsaw) as well as our society’s social media. Young neuroscientists have the opportunity to share their stories of early adventures on their scientific career path, often leading to work in scientific institutes abroad. You can read our first interviews below.

Young PNS was involved in organising and running the 16th international PNS conference in Toruń.

We encourage all those fascinated with the mysteries of the nervous system to contact us. We especially welcome collaboration with science clubs and societies from other universities.

Currently, Young PNS mainly consists of Jagiellonian University Students affiliated with the Neuronus Science Club.

Neuronus Science Club spreads neuroscience knowledge and collaborates with scientists from all over Poland. The members spread their time between studying and activity within the club, creating the NeuronuSound podcast (available on Spotify), organising scientific conferences, participating in Polish events such as Biologists’ Night, Brain Week and BrainBee. Workshops, interviews, thematic panels, open lectures and science projects, in which students of different departments and universities participate, are only a fraction of what goes on in the full-of-live city of Krakow. With globalization we are unstoppable – all in order to share our passion for science.

Interviews and meetings with neuroscientists:

Intwerviews and meetingsOther
Interview with Maciej Kania16th Congress of the PNS
Professor Richard Frąckowiak’s LectureNeuronus 2022 – report
Interview with Magdalena Chrószcz

Discover great opportunities in Torun prepared by Young PNS at the 16th International Congress of the Polish Neuroscience Society!

📌 Explore our Scientific Notice Board:

Step into the main hall and be greeted by a bustling hub of knowledge exchange. The scientific notice board awaits, where you can post your offer concerning scholarship, internship, volunteer proposals, or availability. This is your chance to connect with aspiring students eager to expand their scientific horizons and lab heads in search of brilliant new team members.

🌊 Dive into a World of Opportunities:

Discover more than just research opportunities! Learn about upcoming summer/winter schools, enlightening workshops, and exciting events that will broaden your horizons. There is something for everyone, so seize the chance to create a comprehensive scientific notice board together with us!

💡 Gala Dinner Scientific Quiz:

Join us for an unforgettable Gala dinner filled with delectable dishes and engaging conversations. But that is not all – prepare for a thrilling scientific quiz that promises to bridge the gap between experienced scientists and students. Get ready to expand your knowledge while making lasting connections!

🥇 Young PNS Best Poster Award:

For the first time in the history of PTBUN congresses, you can become a winner of the “Young PNS Best Poster Award“. We will meet you at the poster area!

📒 Educational Workshops with Dr. Ali Jawaid:

Enhance your scientific expertise by attending exclusive workshops for young scientists on the first and last day of the Congress, led by the renowned Dr. Ali Jawaid. There you will be able to gain a practical and effective approach to preparing scientific presentations as well as break the ice and acquire knowledge of biostatics fundamentals – a must-have for all scientists. It is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

🌏 Connect, Learn, and Grow:

We extend a warm invitation to all young scientists! Do not be shy – meet with Young PNS associates, students, and PhD candidates from across Poland. Our vision is to extend our collaborative efforts beyond borders of our country. Your scientific adventure awaits!

Neuronus 2022 – report

From 15-17.10.2022 the 12th Neuronus Neuroscience Forum Conference took place in Jagiellonian University’s Auditorium Maximum. It is the largest international neuroscience conference taking place in Poland, organised biannually by Jagiellonian University students.🧠🧪

With help from the UJOTTV editors, a short report from this extraordinary event was prepared, which you can see here.

Professor Richard Frąckowiak’s Lecture

On 19.10.2022 in the UJOT TV studio we hosted prof. Richard Frąckowiak, who lead a lecture titled “The Future of Human Brain Science.” The meeting was organized by members of the student PTBUN group from Jagiellonian University’s Neuronus Club. The professor’s appearance was a moderated conversation, including a discussion with the audience both in person and online. Participants could ask our guest about topics related to general neuroscience, his career, academic achievement etc. The events was livestreamed on the Young PTBUN website and on Facebook, and is now available on our YouTube channel. You can watch it here.

About the speaker:

Prof. Richard Frąckowiak is a British doctor, scientist, neurologist and neurobiologist of Polish origin. He was a professor of cognitive neurology at University College London, where he founded the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging. He ran the medical platform “The Human Brain Project”. He’s one of the authors of the highly cited articles on structural changes in the hippocampi of taxi drivers. He is an honorary professor of Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris, a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the American Neurological Association. He is widely cited (Google H-index of 209) and is the winner of many awards.

Currently, Young PNS is supervised by Dr. Hab. Anna Błasiak and Dr. Hab. Ewelina Knapska.

Young PNS Team Members:

Gabriela Stopka – president
Artur Iwo Ryś – secretary

Student Televison:
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Artur Iwo Ryś 

Gabriela Stopka
Gabriela Czerniak

Social Media:
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Natasha Adamus

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Former management teams:
Agata Machaczka – president
Gabriela Stopka – sekretary

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